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OpenedFilesView is a tool for advanced users, that displays a list of all files on your system that are currently in use by applications or processes. The list includes additional file specific information including path, handle, attributes, process name etc. and can also be sorted based on these criteria. The program includes an option to terminate selected processes or file handles, and to create a report from all or selected items in the list.

How does it work ?
OpenedFilesView uses the NtQuerySystemInformation API to enumerate all handles in the system. After filtering non-file handles, it uses a temporary device driver - NirSoftOpenedFilesDriver.sys for reading the information about each handle from the kernel memory. This device driver is automatically unloaded from the system when you exit from OpenedFilesView utility.

Using OpenedFilesView
OpenedFilesView doesn't require any installation process or additional DLLs. In order to start using it, just run the executable file - OpenedFilesView.exe
The main window of OpenedFilesView display the list of all files currently opened in your system. In order to refresh the list of opened files, press F5, or alternatively, use the Auto Refresh feature (Options -> Auto Refresh -> Every x seconds) in order to automatically refresh the opened files list every 1 - 5 seconds.

Other Options
Show Opened Directories: By default, OpenedFilesView only display the opened files. If you also want to view the opened Directories (folders), select this option.
Show Network Files: By default, OpenedFilesView only display the opened files on your local drives. If you also want to view the opened files on remote network drives, select this option.
Sort On Refresh: If this option is selected, new opened files (after refresh) are added to the right position according to the current column sort. If this option is not selected, new opened files are added to the end of the opened files list.

Author: Nir Sofer
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/2003
File Size: 42 kb
Last Updated: Jul 15, 2006

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