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Visual Subst

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Visual Subst enables you to create virtual drives letters from any existing folder, allowing you to shorten the path to access the files by simply accessing the them via the newly created drive letter. For example, a long path like `C:Documents and SettingsUserMy Photos amily Album` could be easily accessed via the drive letter P:, acting as a shortcut to the actual folder. The virtual drive letters act just like any other drive letter and are accessible from all applications. Visual Subst is not only useful for convenient access, but can also become handy for developers who need to work with (script) files from another computer that use different drive letter paths in their configuration.

For Programmers
If you have the Platform SDK installed and you do have to frequently use it, you can create a virtual drive mounted to the Samples directory. Therefore you will reduce a long path like 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Samples\Multimedia\DirectShow' to just one letter.

In my opinion, it is the shortest way to have access to the sample source code from the SDK when you over and over again need it.

How It Works
Generally, a virtual drive is just a symbolic link in the Local MS-DOS Device namespace. It is one more of Windows features being added for backward compatibility with old programs.

So virtual drives are objects of the operating system, and Visual Subst just can create, enumerate and delete these objects. All local MS-DOS device names are removed when the user is logging off. To handle this issue, Visual Subst saves the list of virtual drives into an INI-file and can load them the next time.


Author: Alexander Avdonin
Platform: Windows 2000/XP
File Size: 89 kb
Last Updated: Sep 12, 2006

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